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HabitNow Daily Routine Planner

HabitNow Daily Routine Planner


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HabitNow Daily Routine Planner
Keep your routine and tasks organized as you build strong habits! ?
Now you can manage your tasks and keep track of your habits at the same time. Just enter your routine in HabitNow and record your progress everyday.

Define habits according to your needs ??
Create different habits and to-dos, set daily, weekly or even monthly goals.
Fix your schedule, goals, priorities and organize your activities in different categories.

Set up reminders and alarms to achieve all your daily goals! ⏰?
To never forget your scheduled activities, HabitNow provides a highly customizable reminder system.

Build strong habits, improve every day! ⭐️
Create streaks of success for your habits and motivate yourself tracking up your progress as time goes by.
Check your schedule in the app calendar and create a journal using daily notes!

Track your progress in an advanced way ??
Know your performance in detail and analyze your progress on every habit that you record. HabitNow provides many different charts and statistics.

Customize your experience as you like! ?
Set your style with a wide range of themes and icons.

Discover the app Widgets ☑️
Consult and track your daily progress in an easy way!

Reach your goals and win medals! ?
HabitNow can be helpful if you want to quit smoking, exercise or follow a healthy diet. Just focus on something you want to improve in your life and make it a habit!

Protect your data privacy with HabitNow lock screen.
Create backups to keep your progress safe and export them to other devices

Be more productive!
Organize your to-do list and track your habits in only one place.
Download HabitNow and stop procrastinating!
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Is there anything new? Please tell everyone.

Mohammad Sazidul Alam 2022-08-25

It's totally a great app. Has habits, recurring tasks, categories, reminders, statistics, different colors, timer, local backup, secure etc. A problem is reminders doesn't work properly even though I've excluded the app from battery optimization. Also can't you increase the amount of free habits? 7 isn't enough for me and I guess it applies to many others too.
Vesna Lasic 2022-08-24

Great app, but still lacks a very important feature: there needs to be a skip day. Life isn't black and white, sometimes there are unforseen circumstances where you have to break a habit, but it's not by choice and should therefore not count as a failure as it does now. There have been many updates for other things that don't matter as much.
Rajesh Agrawal 2022-08-24

If the free version is so good, I am sure the paid version would be much better For almost 32 years I've used a manual planner. Every year. Everyday This app gives everything that I always felt was missing in those manual planners ... and more. Much more !! I've tried many other apps. But this is something else. Intutive but non-intrusive I want a super efficient secy and not a nosey bossy assistant
Salahuddin Yusuf 2022-08-22

Useful and very nice apps, I bought premium, 5 stars when can backup with gdrive?. Updatesld, 5 stars? Thank you, finally backed up gdrive
Bueas Ink95 2022-08-22

This app really amazing. I love how organised the interface is as well how attractive it looks. Just love it! However, I have a little concern. Setting future events is a little difficult. For example if I want to set a recurring event that happens once every two weeks I can't get that option.
Rose Reallini 2022-08-21

I've just tried it out and really loved the design as well as its functions: habits, one-time task, timer and much more. Currently very pleased and impressed
Nelka Az 2022-08-21

Very aesthetically pleasing app, which matters to me a lot in a tracker - I want to enjoy looking at it!)) Excellent categorization and customization as well, very effective. Calendar view as well as statistics make it quite obvious how the process is going, as well as when and where it needs adjusting. Highly recommend it to anyone wanting to track their progress in anything, to see the real picture of their organization and actions, and who also care for an aesthetically enjoyable app.
Jai G 2022-08-20

I hv bought the premium plan, but still I am not able to create habit, and it debit from my bank account also. Kindly solve my issue. Even I sent a mail also there is no acknowledgement from youside. Pls do the needful. Thk u
Aide Reyes 2022-08-20

The best app I have found to keep track of my habits and daily activities. Easy interface, practical and very useful. Great App!
Uddav Shrestha 2022-08-19

This is a complete pack for daily habit, and routine planner. What I loved the most in this app are: 1. The ALARM feature as the reminder type 2. the custom CATEGORIES feature 3. the UI and the STATISTICS 4. the CUSTOMIZATION and BACKUP features and all other features too. What I suggest making this lovely app way better is to have an auto COUNTDOWN feature on tap of each HABIT evaluated with a TIMER and a completion reminders and popups. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!! Excited to continue with HabitNow!