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Google Calendar


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Google Calendar
Get the official Google Calendar app, part of Google Workspace, for your Android phone and tablet to save time and make the most of every day.

• Different ways to view your calendar - Quickly switch between month, week, and day view.
• Events from Gmail - Flight, hotel, concert, restaurant reservations, and more are added to your calendar automatically.
• Tasks - Create, manage, and view your tasks alongside your events in Calendar
• All your calendars in one place - Google Calendar works with all calendars on your phone, including Exchange.

Google Calendar is part of Google Workspace. With Google Workspace, you and your team can:
• Schedule meetings quickly by checking coworkers' availability or layering their calendars in a single view
• See if meeting rooms or shared resources are free
• Share calendars so people see full event details or just if you are free
• Access from your laptop, tablet or phone
• Publish calendars on the web

Learn more about Google Workspace: https://workspace.google.com/products/calendar/

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Is there anything new? Please tell everyone.

Harsh Dewan 2022-07-16

Another marvel from the GSuite team who keep producing some of worst office software with 0 regards for the user. You could be dying in a hospital but no, you need to update out of office in Calendar and Gmail separately. No option for not receiving any messages while out of office. I'm sure it'll be a hit in countries like North Korea though.
Charles Davel 2022-07-15

A number of updates ago, you broke the reminders. It was working well up to that point. I have reported the issue a number of times in the app itself, but the it has not been addressed. Multiple reminders notifications not working, only a single reminder notification. Still a problem in Jan 22, after a number of updates.... issue has not been resolved. ....more than 6 months later..... Issue was fixed with an update in June 2022 only. ?
Google LLC 2021-11-10
Hi Charles. Have a look at this guide to troubleshoot problems with reminders on Google Calendar App: https://goo.gle/35Hdgzn. If that doesn't help, please submit this as a feedback here: https://goo.gle/37YOQmJ. Thanks.
FROZZ SCH 2022-07-15

It's very buggy i think, cuz my friends' B-day not appear in the schedule of the calendar. In monthly view also not visible. Kinda useless */sigh. I keep using and open it just bcuz the design really cool tho. And yeah! 'a period tracker' would be nice added feature i think. C'mon guys!! U can make this apps BETTER!!
Thomas Myers 2022-07-15

This app would be great if it offer a default view option. I use a widget to see my daily schedule. If I'm opening the app I need to see my week, or more than likely, my month ahead. Not sure how long this app has been around but making that option available is long overdue.
Kelly Sutton 2022-07-15

Please update the colors on the calendar. Some of them look the same like the red and orange and the two different greens. Add some new ones maybe? I need to be super organized to function and I need more options ?
Google LLC 2022-07-15
Hi Kelly, thanks for reaching out. You can also follow the instructions here to submit this feedback directly to our development team: https://goo.gle/37YOQmJ. Appreciate it.
Edward Nydam Jr 2022-07-15

My calendar app does not appear on phone. I do a search of apps and says calendar not found . I go to play store and it shows calendar installed. The word "open" is highlighted . Tap on open and your calendar opens with your saved information. I can't get app to appear. It is rediculous!!!
Google LLC 2022-07-15
Hi Edward. Please visit our Calendar Help Community for more help: https://goo.gle/2QnxTMN. Thanks!
Viola Dawn 2022-07-15

Super frustrated. I checked the help section and I cannot add additional reminders. When I try to edit an appointment, all I can do is delete it. Google keeps updating the app and every time it does, I seem to lose another function. Also, I'm amazed at how often phantom schedules show up on the calendar.
Google LLC 2022-07-15
Hi there! Could you give us some more information on the issue you are facing so that we may be of help? You can update your comment with a description of the issue. Have a great day!
Gayle Coward 2022-07-15

To update review for answer to developer. When adding a new item to the calender, in the past i was able to select a colour for the item to appear in the calendar. There were about 10 colours which enabled me to categorise entries. It made it easy to see at a glance what an item related to. No longer available. No colour options! Will you be fixing this? APART FROM THIS I LOVE THIS APP, but this is a deal breaker.
Google LLC 2022-07-15
Hi there. Our team is aware of this issue and it is currently under review. Please submit in-product feedback: https://goo.gle/37YOQmJ. Thanks.
Manas Kanti Halder 2022-07-14

I want a simple thing! In Google Calendar, I can't find number of Days when selecting a specific day. In my eralier Calendar App(Huawei Honor), when I just tap on a specific day (in future or past), the calendar app shows me the Number of Days(remaining or past) to that day. But this feature is absent in Google Calendar. I couldn't find a way to calculate number of Days (from today) to a specific day in the calendar.?
Mike R 2022-07-14

I find this calander too complicated to use. I have 3 calanders in the options; "My calender", another one with "events, tasks, reminders" seems to be linked to my email accout, and Samsung calander. What's going on with that? Pressing on a specific day just displays a list of national holidays and events. I can't for the life of me see how I can color code each day, nevermimd add some kind of a reminder. Should be far simpler with good customization.
Google LLC 2022-07-15
Hi Mike. Thanks for reaching out. We'll pass on your feedback to the team. Could you also submit it here: https://goo.gle/37YOQmJ? Appreciate it!