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Gothic Dress Up

Gothic Dress Up


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Gothic Dress Up
Design outfits for 6 Goth girls, but don't be offended if they don't smile. They are Goth girls and Goths don't smile! Just kidding. Anyway, Goths do enjoy black clothes and dramatic make-up, and usually look sad and serious!

The Gothic style in this dress-up game is both dark and very dramatic, but with a touch of glamor. Just check the gorgeous sophisticated clothes in this game, which range from the black and tartan mini skirts to the Edwardian blouses! In addition to dark make-up these fallen angels and gothic lolitas have impressive wings!

Gothic style is inspired by Victorian fashion and mostly has dark colors, usually black and sometimes red. Goth culture expresses sadness, bad luck and doom. But the clothes and the hairstyles can be glamorous and fancy. If you combine Gothica with Lolita style, you may get Gothloli, which has the sweetness of Lolita and the drama and the love of black.

Choose from many options of skirts, tops, intricate accessories and much more to give these teenage girls a gothic, sophisticated look! 200 items to choose from, that's an incredible variety. Moreover, all of that comes completely free, without any in-app purchases, locks, timers or other annoying garbage.

All our dress up games for girls and teenagers are completely free. Check "More by Games For Girls" to download and play our new Android dressup girl games about fashion.
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Is there anything new? Please tell everyone.

Savannah Valenzuela 2023-01-02

There is too many ads
Samuel Suner 2023-01-02

Love! this game very much
Avatar singh Sindhu 2022-12-24

This game was amazing and beautiful dress ??
AfairiostheNefairios goddessofpotataoes 2022-12-11

It's a pretty darn good game! I was expecting it to be as bad as most trashy dress up games, but this had the option to make every piece of clothing black (by pressing the funky splotch button in the bottomed left corner) and the only ads that weren't a choice were when you go back home. Most of the clothes are free to use, and when you unlock one with an ad it stays unlocked for a hot minute. I enjoyed playing this lol
Chris Walton 2022-11-09

I love it I think the game is so amazing that I just fell in love with it when I downloaded it I really like it and I am really in love with it and all my passions designs now I can see what my style is I really love the game .
Rebecca Bryant (Fetters) 2022-10-20

Love everything about this app. SO FAR......
Isabel Dugger 2022-09-19

This game is so much fun like I'm blowing my mind off right now is this game is so cool like I dressed one of the people like a zombie and a vampire yet and the devil and then they they said I love it...?
Augustina Mashata 2022-08-28

Amazing games love it
Lillian Reid 2022-08-27

Very tame and mainstream, very few options, very many ads.
Abigail Cunningham 2022-08-17

Haven't played yet!!