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Timetable is the most beautiful and intuitive app on Google Play for managing your school or university life. Save your timetable and all tasks from homework to exams. You only need to enter them once, because Timetable syncs across all your Android devices. Often forget to turn down your phones volume? No problem the app automatically mutes your phone during lessons.

Quick overview
- optimized for phones and tablets
- light and dark theme available
- easily save your lessons, tasks and holidays
- view your timetable as list and as grid
- search in your timetable and tasks
- optional two, three or four week cycle
- resizable widgets for each lessons and tasks
- notifications for lessons and tomorrows tasks
- automute phone during lesson
- dashclock extension
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Is there anything new? Please tell everyone.

Dhananjay Mehta 2022-08-24

Differentiate permanent events(for class timetable) and one-time events(for extra class, etc.).
Elham M 2022-08-21

It doesn't have a repeat option. And you cant add two days for a single task
Lia Carstens 2022-08-17

The app is usually great, but it crashed today - I can't open the app at all. Could someone please resolve this issue.
Zonish Javed 2022-08-16

Best app. There are not many University type planner apps. This one is a life saver for real. It has a widget, all it's features are top class, ad-free. Loved it. I usually don't write reviews but this made my life so easy that i had to. The customisation is very handy too.
Mohan Kumar 2022-07-26

Hai there great app by the way. It would be advisable to hav time table backup and restore feature or syncing feature.
Summer Solaiman 2022-07-05

Edit: Why isn't there a SYNC option in the settings? This an incredibly helpful app, however, it doesn't separate weeks. Like if we need to edit a class ONLY for a following week, it's impossible to happen; it changes in the four weeks: A, B, C, and D! Please fix this problem, it's really an easy and crucially efficient update. Thank you.
Zian Raihan 2022-06-09

Apparently perfect so far. Just set up my routine. Now lets see how the notification work and widget helps me get used to it. Will re-rate in a week in case of disappointment.
Kevin 2022-05-31

I believe this simple-and-easy-to-use experience is what makes me think that this is the best.
Umm Zaky 2022-05-14

Great app. Really would have liked the option to add more than one timetable though as I find it gets too cluttered trying to fit everything into one
Sascha 2022-05-12

Simple in the exactly right way, but the 'I'm not going' option should be for specific classes/events, not for an entire day. Usually it's just one class that won't happen, so having to dismiss the whole day or temporarily remove that class from the timetable is just impractical