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Fortune City - A Finance App

Fortune City - A Finance App


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Fortune City - A Finance App
■■■ Best App of Google Play ■■■
Fortune City received awards for Best App in Taiwan, Korea, Hong Kong, and Google Play stores in 2017 and Thailand in 2018. It was also honored with the Red Dot Design Award in 2018.

Track your spending, grow a city! Fortune City gamifies bookkeeping with a fun city simulation game. Record your expenses, and watch as your city flourishes into a beautiful metropolis.

Pick up good budgeting habits as you track income and expenses, so you can grow your personal fortune into a prosperous city!

◈ Have Fun While Tracking Expenses ◈
* Gamification gets you hooked on recording expenses so you can build good habits while watching your city develop and grow.
* Simple taps allow you to easily track your spending and categorize transactions.
* Join Cashy the Cat, Fortune City’s Chief Financial Officer, and together expand your city into a flourishing metropolis!

◈ Analyze Expenses at a Glance ◈
*Easy to use interface lets you check income and expenses at a glance.
*Pie charts and bar charts allow you to quickly understand your personal spending habits.
*Weekly, monthly, and seasonal trends are displayed clearly for both long and short-term budgeting and goal-setting.

◈ Create Your Own Metropolis ◈
*Build it your way! Choose from over 100 different styles of buildings, unique transportation options, and friendly citizens to inhabit your town.
*Invite other citizens to join your beautiful city. The happier they are, the more prosperous your city will become!
*Compete with friends to see who can develop the most prosperous city! Watch your ranking increase as your city flourishes.

But wait... there’s more!
Special surprises for daily users
Automatic cloud syncing so you don’t have to worry about manual backups
Password protection keeps your personal data safe

Fortune City requests access to “Location” to enable "Smart Note”, which suggests recording notes based on your behaviors and locations to allow efficient expense tracking.
For other permissions, Please visit our support page: https://fourdesire.helpshift.com/a/fortune-city/

Any problems or suggestions? Reach out to our support team at support@fourdesire.com
We’d love to hear from you.

Find us on Facebook: http://facebook.com/fortunecityapp
Or visit our website: http://fortunecityapp.com/en

Privacy Policy and Terms of Service: http://fourdesire.com/terms
Refund Policy: https://fourdesire.com/refund-policy/
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Is there anything new? Please tell everyone.

Chrisi Ritchie 2022-10-09

So far it's okay, it does tend to take away from the fore focus of budget setting and saving goals though..
Koby Wong 2022-10-07

Awesome and addictive apps to build up habits.
KeiTaKa 2022-10-07

It seems currency converter went wrong. 1USD=1NTD=1JPY?
Andy Sun 2022-10-06

too much ads
Eru Chitanda 2022-10-06

Great interface and finance tracking
Charlotte Eiko 2022-10-02

Very well optimised app that keeps me coming back!
Blade 2022-10-02

I don't think this is a heavy app, considering I have games, but it only take a few minutes for this app to burn my phone. Even my games don't make my phone overheat and I don't use my phone when charging. And also would be nice if there's more icons for the category and payment. Plus, if possible, a shopping list feature.
Sarah Noah 2022-09-27

I've enjoyed tracking my every day expenses and growing my city. I'm still learning how everything functions, but so far I think it's a great tool to visualize spending!
Alex Pryhoda 2022-09-26

Used to be great but now I find when ever i input a total amount apent from my reciepts the app adds 13.02$(or its percent based) extra to every purchase and its frustrating to not be able to change this. Is their an option to fix this?
Strawberry Kit Kats 2022-09-24

Great spending tracking app! Cute and inspires me to actually keep up to date as I make purchases