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Space Jet: Galaxy Attack

Space Jet: Galaxy Attack


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Space Jet: Galaxy Attack
Save the galaxy from alien shooter in arcade shooting games!
A classic arcade game reimagined: fast, dynamic shooter gameplay meets outstanding graphics!

Space Jet : Galaxy Attack game puts you at the galaxy on fire with infinity shooting war!

Join a global online space war, face with everyone or join with your friends and create a team!
Complete simple daily tasks and earn game currency by taking part in battles.

20 unique battle machines are waiting for you in the store! Unlock and upgrade them all!

Space Rangers lead the way!

• Gamers from all over the world fighting in real time
• Modern 3D graphics
• Try a variety of camouflage and decals
• Lots of battle arenas in all corners of the world
• User friendly controls which will be enjoyed both by newbie shooter players and hardcore gamers.
• Common chat that lets you communicate with stalkers of your country
• Dynamic battles around the world and crazy nonstop PVP shooter.
• You can choose any game mode: team battle or single battle. And all this is absolutely FREE!

Attention: permanent Internet connection required

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SpaceJet3D/?fref=ts
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Is there anything new? Please tell everyone.

Greg Orcutt 2022-09-01

Beautiful game, terrible controls. Would be great if you could do more customizing with the controls, or better yet, opt to use the inter phone gyros like GoFII uses.
Phill Robinson 2022-08-14

Great game , good graphics , well done .
August S 2022-07-19

The game play is okay. I didn't have any of the problems with the controls that others reported and the graphics/sound is good. The main problems with this game are as follows: There is nothing to indicate where the edge of the map is. So you will fly to the edge and something like autopilot will turn you around but you still have no idea of where the edge is. To many micro transactions. To many empty battles (no other players) Ads after ever battle so you can't jump back into the action.
Siyanda ndlovu 2022-07-08

This game is so cool , there are cool ships , cool missions and out of ten I say 10
David Aber 2022-06-16

Fun and challenging ??
Alamgir Hasan 2022-06-10

The control option is very bad.You should add more option of control.
Maramwet Girmaye 2022-05-22

I'm from Ethiopia and this game is very good and nice and easy for me I think if the game was offline it will approve for million people
Sultan Çelik 2022-05-18

Controls are very bad.
HRITHIN KING 2022-05-09

The game is good but there is a problem in battle..there aren't many players and some time i end up being alone Wondering around the play field.. fix it and the game is top nach....but i can gave only 3 star's because the game might be have good but it's useless if I can't play with players
B 2022-05-01

Fun but un playable controls sigh played a few rounds deleted.