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Dreamfora: Daily Goal Setting

Dreamfora: Daily Goal Setting


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Dreamfora: Daily Goal Setting
Bring real change to your life with the easiest goal-setting app. Set your goals automatically and customize based on your interests. Build powerful, life-changing habits and improve your productivity! Plan for the long term.

Goal setting is made simple and beautiful with Dreamfora.

No distractions, no ads.


1. Long-term Planning Made Quick and Easy!
⚡ No more stress planning! Dreamfora allows you to set goals with just a tap of a button!
? Discover your passions. Find a dream you’d like to achieve and get started with our plans.
? Utilize achievement plans, guidelines, tips, and resources brought to you by experts.

2. Make Your Journey More Productive and Pleasant
✔ Use daily reminders to stay on top of your workload!
? Keep track of your daily, weekly, and monthly progress in a way that is easy to understand.
⭐ Embark on a beautiful journey of personal growth with Dreamfora's comforting user interface.

3. Find Your Daily Motivation and Inspiration
? More than 1000 handpicked quotes to make each day your masterpiece.
✅ Focus on your daily routine and keep track of today's habits and tasks.

4. Join the community of 700,000+ happy Dreamfora users
? Encourage and be encouraged by users with similar dreams and aspirations.
? Invest one second a day and applaud the accomplishments of your peers.

Hundreds of goal achievement plans across 8 categories (updated regularly):

Go from dreaming to doing! Start planning with Dreamfora.


Tell us about your experience with Dreamfora! We're always open to feedback and suggestions on how to make Dreamfora the best app it can be. Let us know what you think at: https://dreamfora-v2.nolt.io

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Is there anything new? Please tell everyone.

Amlan J. 2023-01-15

Probably one of the most underrated free apps on the entire web in the 21st century. Has the potential to U-Turn your life from worst to tolerable to bad to okay to good to near perfection. Pure Bliss!!
Ana Rodrigues (Liriope) 2023-01-13

I love this app so much and have used it for a couple of years and seen it improve. I do wish it had a sort of monthly view with habits (e.g. Red if habit not checked, green if completed) or any graphical idea of performance
A B 2023-01-09

I was looking for a simple app with the following features: daily recurring task/habit list that automatically unchecks checked tasks after every day, checked tasks stay visible and dont auto delete/disappear & a widget to see all tasks on my homescreen. This app is the first one I found (after trying many many others) that does all that. My only complaint is that the widget seems to be glitchy (it sometimes only shows the top half of the task list) but the refresh button fixes that quickly.
Jenna Antenna 2023-01-02

I really love this app! It's phenomenal! The interface is modern and aesthetically pleasing, yet still easy to use. But, it really bothers me that I'm only allowed to add three pre-made routines. Could we have more capacity for pre-made routines? I really want to start another one, but it won't let me :(
Raphael De La Cruz 2022-12-01

One of the best habit apps on the app store, its completely FREE and with an active dev team. (Also a bonus that there is a community in the app. This is worth a download if you are in the self improvement wave!
hi there 2022-11-29

It's convenient and easy to use. However I wish there was more options to organise things. Example, let's say you have a dream of following a healthy routine. I want to separate it into morning, work, and night routine but that's not an option. So either you make a separate dream for each, or have all the habits in one dream (which makes it messy in my opinion). Currently it's bugged for me where I can't see previous days, so I can't check off things, which used to be something I could do :(
Letícia Torres 2022-11-28

4 stars because I can't sync my phone data to my tablet and it's annoying :(
JJ ! 2022-11-11

GREAT APP love, some changes will def help it. Add dark mode. And add timers for each habit
Someone Alone 2022-11-01

The app is really good. Definitely helps to achieve my goals. Its easy to use and design is nice. One problem though: in the app description it says that theres hundreds of premade goal plans, but i only 14 most popular ones. How can i fix it?
Linda Q 2022-09-30

This app is so helpful, inspiring and very cute!! I'm constantly trying to improve myself, set new goals and take care of my mental and physical health, so I am super happy I found Dreamfora! Thanks so much for this app!❤️