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Depop - Buy & Sell Clothes App


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Depop - Buy & Sell Clothes App
Buy. Sell. Discover unique fashion. Depop is the fashion marketplace where you can explore your style.

• More than an online shopping marketplace to buy and sell clothing, shoes and preloved stock, Depop is the place to find your style
• Follow your friends, Depop followers & favorite influencers and see what they’re shopping as they buy and sell clothes on Depop
• Stay up to date with your wish-list trends and get shopping inspiration for your next look as you scroll through our marketplace
• Help reduce fashion waste by shopping secondhand, preloved stock – from vintage clothing, streetwear, boots and shoes to sold-out sneakers
• Unlike other shopping apps, clothes selling apps and clothing apps, Depop is a community-powered marketplace
• Our ever-growing community means there's always something new to discover next, from vintage clothes to the latest stand-out trends
• Whatever your style, you can buy and sell stock on Depop - from preloved sneakers, boots and shoes to jewelry, accessories and designer clothing

No matter what your style or fashion taste is, you can buy and sell it on Depop. From preowned clothes and designer clothing to retro sneakers, boots, shoes and jewelry – you'll find what you're looking for from our diverse community. Whether you're into vintage clothing, shopping secondhand, or discovering the next big trend – we've got you covered. It's easy and free to sign up to buy and sell on our marketplace.

Come for the clothes shopping. Find something unique and rare, and have fun in the process. Whether it's hunting for those grails or picking out stand-out vintage pieces. Unlike other clothes shopping websites, marketplaces, clothing apps and selling apps, you’re part of a global fashion community of inspiration and creativity as soon as you join us. If you're into clothes and style, then start online shopping on Depop. Whether you're looking for the next big independent designer, rare sneakers or your new favorite pair of vintage jeans or boots – Depop is the e-commerce marketplace to find it. Discover men's clothing, women's clothing and everything in-between.

Whatever your vibe – you’ll find someone on Depop who gets it. Find best-buy pieces from the world's best fashion labels. Discover everything from sneakers, boots and shoes to jewelry, accessories and men's and women's clothing. Looking for those hot-topic shoes that are out of stock online? A rare pair of designer boots? An archive piece from your favorite streetwear brand? Or a posh luxury accessory. We've got you covered. Browse Depop's streetwear fashion picks and search for must-have items.

Whether you want to make some extra cash or open your own supreme thrifting store, you can on Depop. Let go of old, unwanted items or overstock. Offer up and sell preloved stock on Depop with your own thrift store and make money to buy your next look. It’s simple to get started – just take a photo or video of your used items and write a short store description. Make offers, set prices, sell clothes and generate profits. When your first sale is confirmed, manage your payments in one place through our easy-to-use app. then it’s time to re-stock and resell.

By buying and selling preowned stock on Depop and keeping outfits in circulation, you’re helping reduce fashion waste and helping to champion small businesses. Buckle up and join the community that’s reshaping fashion for the better.

Buy and sell great labels, and repeat. Sell clothes on Depop, make money to buy your next look, and sell them again when you're done. We’ve got all the clothing and accessories you want in one place. From thrift and vintage to streetwear, sneakers and kicks. Browse:
- Vintage clothes
- Dresses
- Tops
- Tees
- Trainers
- Shoes
- Sweatshirts
- Jewelry
- Jeans
- Sneakers
- Boots
- Vintage fashion
Download Depop’s resale fashion app now and start exploring.
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Is there anything new? Please tell everyone.

snail stones 2022-07-12

I've been a long time Depop seller and have had decent success on the app. Recently I've noticed a HUGE problem though. I no longer get notifications when people message me about items! I just opened my messages to see multiple messages I've missed, which has probably affected my sales greatly. Depop, please fix this so we can keep selling together. Thank you! - @newagegirl
Depop 2022-07-13
Thanks for your review. We appreciate just how frustrating this must be for you. Please get in touch by going to; 'Settings - Need help - Technical issues - I've still got an issue' to submit a report to us in-app. Team Depop
Meghan Briggs 2022-07-09

The app keeps crashing every time i try to add a picture to my listing. Every time i click the icon to add an image, it kicks me back to the draft page and out of my camera roll. I was able to list two things before this happened. When i emailed them about the issue, Kennedy got back to me and all they told me was how to add images to a listing. They completely ignored the whole point of the email.
Depop 2022-07-09
Thanks for your review. It sounds like we've misunderstood the issue and we appreciate how frustrating this must be. Please respond to our email with a screen recording if possible and we can escalate this to our Tech team. We’ll get this sorted ASAP! Team Depop
c. k. 2022-07-07

Have been selling for a few years on this app. It's really easy, which is great because I use this as a side gig and a way to clear out my old clothes, but sometimes moderation makes me scratch my head. I don't think users saying "this item is LIKE this brand's mid-2000s clothes" or "these clothes would go great with a character-INSPIRED outfit" should be treated the same as people deliberately lying about an item's brand. Especially when "tagged incorrectly for exposure" listings can stay up...
Depop 2022-07-08
Thank you for this review but we're sorry you're having issues with some of our listings ❤️ If you feel a user is breaking our rules on item descriptions then please each out to us with some more information at bit.ly/depoprequest ?️ Then we'll be able to look into this and potentially remove the item from the app ?️ Team Depop
Ivy S. 2022-07-04

Easy and secure set up. Clearly defined policies. Lots of descriptor choices for the seller and payment options for a buyer. Seller payment/wallet procedures seem a bit complex. Would prefer to be able to add more images. So far, so good. Just started using the app so I may update this after a bit more experience.
Depop 2022-07-04
Thank you for this wonderful review ❤️ We love to see it and we hope you continue enjoying Depop in the future ?️ Team Depop
soap dust 2022-06-26

It's cool, just an inconvenience when it comes to trying to sort out my liked items. And there is no option to private my likes. I wish there was some sort of select tool so I can easily edit and sort out each clothe album because doing it individually really is a pain, especially when you have scrolled so far down, tapped an item, sort it at another album, and then return just to scroll a whole bunch again because the page restarts.
Depop 2022-06-26
Thanks for your review? We love getting feedback (positive or negative), as it helps us level up and be better for the community as a whole. We value users opinions around the functionality of Depop, thanks for taking the time to let us know how you're finding the app. We’ll pass this on to our Product team, keep an eye out for future App updates.
Ann Courtney 2022-06-20

UPDATE 6/19: Persistent bugs with each update! The latest is that it seems impossible to get notifications for messages (even if you have this toggled on in settings)! Another seller reported the same. This glitch has caused me business and unecessesary stress. What a mess! Messaging would be GREATLY IMPROVED with a photo-adding feature. Get it together Depop!
Depop 2022-06-20
Thank you for your feedback. We love hearing about what we can do to improve Depop for our Community. When you succeed, we succeed. We’ll be sure to pass this onto our Product team, keep an eye out for future App updates. Team Depop
Jireh Garcia 2022-06-08

I love Depop but I think it would be so much easier to have a smooth user experience when each profile's showed the listings as when you see an Instagram profile. Meaning every listing on your profile, can be looked at by swiping up or down the screen, instead of clicking into a listing and getting out every time we want to see the details.
Depop 2022-06-08
Thank you for your feedback. We love hearing about what we can do to improve Depop for our Community. When you succeed, we succeed. We’ll be sure to pass this onto our Product team, keep an eye out for future App updates. Team Depop
Zayda Vitale 2022-06-03

There's yet another glitch with the app. It no longer sends me notifications when I receive messages, this is incredibly annoying because it's causing my buyers/potential buyers to have to wait several days - weeks for a response. I'm not constantly checking my depop messages. I have all the notifications on for messages outside and inside the app but still don't get notified.
Depop 2022-06-04
Thanks for your review. Please get in touch by going to; 'Settings - Need help - Technical issues - I've still got an issue' to submit a report to us in-app. Remember to include your username. We’ll get this sorted ASAP. Team Depop
Stephanie 2022-06-02

its not bad for shopping, you have to be careful of those who are reselling fast fashion items because you could accidentally spend 30 bucks on something that cost 5 dollars. The app itself isn't very well made, it's structured like Instagram but it's not built for infinite scrolling, which would work nicely on a shopping app. I also think it would be really helpful that if you blocked someone it also removed their listings from your feed. Blocking doesn't do much.
Depop 2022-06-02
Thanks so much for your feedback! ?? We really value hearing suggestions from our users on changes they'd like to see on the app, we make sure to pass these along to the product team, If you have any suggestions please let us know through this link here ? bit.ly/depopnewrequest. Team Depop
Jessica M. 2022-05-17

I try to edit my listings, hit save to save the changes then I see nothing has changed. Specifically, I am having trouble changing the shipping option to buyer pays for shipping. I've been on the platform 3 months now. As a seller, I have largely unimpressed with Depop. The app is not intuitive. Fees are quite high and PayPal takes a cut as well. They encourage the seller to pay for shipping costs and once all is said and done the amount I'm left with is hardly worth the time.
Depop 2022-05-18
Please get in touch by going to; 'Settings - Need help - Technical issues - I've still got an issue' to submit a report to us in-app. Remember to include your username. You can read about our fees here: https://bit.ly/37R0bdW. Team Depop