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Deepstash: Smarter Every Day!

Deepstash: Smarter Every Day!


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Deepstash: Smarter Every Day!
Learn something new in just 5 minutes, with daily bite-sized knowledge from books, articles, videos, podcasts & more. Over 1 million bright minds saved more than 14 million ideas in their personal library so far.

It's like your social media feed, if your social media feed had things that mattered :-)

Knowledge in Deepstash comes in the form of ideas, represented as little cards you can read at a glance. Ideas are short notes that condense profound thoughts into simple sentences. They could be: the best ideas from a book or article, inspiring quotes, practical tips on any topic. Each idea belongs to a topic, from #marketing to #leadership and #philosophy, which you can follow.

Ideas are created by Deepstash members, called stashers. Whenever a stasher reads a book article or listens to a podcast and they find a concept, a thought or quote that is worth saving, remembering and sharing, they will add an idea about it in Deepstash.

A daily source of inspiring & life changing stories and ideas. Read articles, learn skills, get productivity tips and discover life hacks. The magic of Deepstash is that everything you do builds your knowledge library: be it contributing your own ideas or collecting idea cards from other stashers. Fuel your curiosity and get smarter daily.

Personalized content & feeds

Choose a few topics of interest (more than 4,000 topics to choose from) and then just use Deepstash at your leisure. As you read and save ideas, we learn what you like and find the best stories, articles, books, podcasts and other top content to show you every day. You don’t even have to work for it.

The more you save ideas the better we learn what articles and topics you love. We refresh your recommendations multiple times a day so you never run out of fresh ideas.

Build and organize your knowledge

You can save ideas in your own profile and build your own library of facts, skills, quotes, information and ideas that matter to you and which you can use at any time.

Search and filter your ideas and organize your knowledge into personalized stashes, which are basically collections of insights stocked up and ready to go for when you need them: a Powerpoint presentation, a new job interview, a date, a project at work, or negotiating your rent with the landlord.

Share your knowledge

Add your own ideas and stash them in your knowledge library so you always have them at hand.

Share your own or other ideas you find with your friends and colleagues on Whatsapp or Facebook or send it to your followers on Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin or Quora. The Deepstash bite-sized idea format is great for this.

Share a link to ideas or just an image. We built special image formats for each social network (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and others) so your ideas will look their best.

No ads. No distractions

The Deepstash app is free and open to everyone. Get a clean reading experience and focus on the content instead of being distracted with annoying ads. Just get a quick free account (Facebook & Google login) and you’re good to go.

Good for your career.
Great for your life.
Give it a shot!
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Is there anything new? Please tell everyone.

GAURAV SAINI 2022-08-15

This was a brilliant app. But now if read something and want to bookmark or save it, then you have to take the plus subscription. In my opinion let the app what it was...ads might be good solution istead of a subscription.
Deepstash 2022-08-17
Hi Gaurav. We have debated ads and we are not sold on it. Just for the record, all content is freely available to read on Deepstash. There are no limitations. If you want to go even further and save unlimited ideas, to build your knowledge library, or do some cool stuff like listen or read offline, Pro is for you.
Oghor Alexander 2022-08-15

Deepstash is phenomenal. It's a wonderful platform to learn bit sized ideas. I love everything about it.
Deepstash 2022-07-07
Hi Oghor. Thank you for your feedback, we appreciate it. About the widgets, we are aware of this issue and working on a solution as we speak. If you use and like Deepstash, perhaps you can improve your rating? Have a super awesome day!
Hamza Jeilani 2022-08-14

App is very well developed. Its simple and easy to use and that's all one needs.
Ashutosh Panigrahy 2022-08-14

Precise and Important, thats the theme Deepstash's every article embodies. I've read more ideas in 2 days than in 15, stuck with figuring out one book
Audrey Chittenden 2022-08-14

This was one of my favourite apps, it really helped with self development and loads besides and I loved using it.. Until the paywall was added. Now you can't even stash an idea without paying £80 a year (and that's on sale!). I appreciate that apps need monetary support but maybe non disruptive adverts would've been a better option. Sadly disappointed when I discovered this update.
Deepstash 2022-08-17
Hi Audrey. Most products limit the exposure to content. We really believe access is important. Hence, you can read everything you love in Deepstash, with no limits. If you want to go even further and save unlimited ideas, to build your knowledge library, or do some cool stuff like listen or read offline, Pro is for you.
Hesham Seleem 2022-08-13

I love this app, it's just kinda hard to receive recommendations according to our interests.
Toprak Öztürk 2022-08-10

Sometimes a few bad summaries appear in a row. Then a gem reveal itself and suddenly the app pays the time and effort it consumes. There is a lot of similar personal grow summaries but thats ok. Change needs consistancy.
Martin Radlak 2022-08-07

With the paid option I felt disappointed how little I could work with my content. Nevertheless I've given a pro version a try for a year and will be closely watching if it delivers. For now it is far higher price compared to my percieved value of the app as a whole hence 4 stars. On a features note - I'd love to see ability to manually link related ideas, so it would be possible to build a knowledge graph... This stems from the fact that ideas often build on one another.
Deepstash 2022-08-09
Hi Martin. Thanks for writing a cool review for us and for supporting us. Your feedback is noted and we will think on a solution, until then you can use stashes to group different ideas together. If you're enjoying our app, could you possibly increase your review? Let us know if there’s anything else you think we should improve on. Cheers!
Shweta Jayaraman 2022-08-05

The app is good but the subscription model is not attractive at all. Especially as one of the early adopters, I have so many saved ideas that are all behind a paywall now. Really disappointing! They could have offered a one time fee instead.
Deepstash 2022-08-09
Hi Shweta! Deepstash is definitely free to access and all content is available to you. You can opt for a Pro subscription which offers you extra stuff on top (like offline mode) or you can continue to use the app free of charge, if that's what you want. If you're using and enjoying Deepstash, can you possibly increase your rating?
Daniel Fot 2022-08-05

I really like the app. There are no annoying ads and you have access to a lot of information.