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General Knowledge Quiz

General Knowledge Quiz


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General Knowledge Quiz
General Knowledge Quiz is an amazing trivia game, with very simple rules:
- Answer to 15 questions
- Use the hints along the way
- Win 1 million euros
- Become a millionaire.

Unlike many other games, General Knowledge Quiz gives you unlimited time to answer each question, you can play with family or friends, but try not to Google so much.

With a super database of questions and always adding more, General Knowledge Quiz will test your knowledge to the fullest.

The more you win the more achievements you can receive and share with your friends.
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Is there anything new? Please tell everyone.

Archana Sankar 2022-12-10

The app is good. More categories should be introduced.
Kavitha Suresh 2022-12-10

Alot of ads The money for subscribing is too high
richard bates 2022-11-13

It is a good app but it's so slow and a lot of the points are not given because no video can be found.
Mary Julia James 2022-10-22

I love this quiz. But it will not play for me now. Since recent update I get a notice coming up, error occurred try again ? Any tips on how to correct this without having to uninstall as I do not want to lose my points.
Escar Kangwa 2022-10-21

This app is amazing and I love it so much
Anne Kinsale 2022-10-07

This app would benefit from a date in some questions, like "In 2022, what was the population of ...". It would also benefit from a dark mode, with the background being black. Thank you.
The British TeaCup 2022-09-09

Too many ads you can go 5 seconds with out a add popping up.
Sean Alexander 2022-08-23

I deleted the app - it kept spamming me with notifications. "hEy fRiEnD, wE hAvE sTuFfS fOr yOu" etc.
K Leigh 2022-08-14

Good game! I hope it continues to add features. I'm still waiting for someone to design an app similar to the discontinued app Quizup which was the best. This one is close!
Marlene Williams 2022-08-07

Would be great if it worked better. It Stalls and have to uninstall it and then reinstall. Otherwise it's a great game.