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WorldCraft: 3D Block Craft

WorldCraft: 3D Block Craft


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WorldCraft: 3D Block Craft
Best Crafting and Building 2020 Game Played by Thousands of Players

PLAY NOW block craft online multiplayer games or survival exploration games. Build a mini world 3D and upload to multiplayer. Mine and craft, gather different resources, fight mobs to satisfy your hunger, survive.

★ NO Ads
★ 3 opening skins available in every premium skin packs. Total of 50 skins available for FREE
★ 250 initial free coins to spend in Survival or Creative Online Multiplayer


★ Global online multiplayer games: build and chat with real players
★ Infinite survival single player mode server
★ Thousands of mini worlds created by real players online for exploration fun
★ Huge variety of block craft resources
★ Tons of mobs, weapons, crafting and building
★ Tons of block craft recipes
★ Taming pets functionality
★ Fight mobs
★ 300+ themed player skins packed in 13+ skin packs
★ Password protected parental control
★ 10+ predefined maps to start with
★ 3D HD graphics, 4+ block texture packs, cute sounds

Get ready for infinite exciting crafting and building, survival exploration craft adventure with no limits for your creative kraft or surviving needs. Customize your character using 300+ skins grouped by theme.

Choose your favorite game mode:
► Creative Multiplayer :
Build a dream mini world 3D alone or with many other real players worldwide. Upload the map from single player to multiplayer online. Protect your map with a password to play only with friends or upload it as a read-only, so others will not edit your mini world. Here you can find thousands of maps created by others. Find new cool ideas to build your own fantastic cube creations like city, village etc.
► Survival Single Player Offline : Start with huge cube world exploration, find resources, block craft survival items, build a shelter to hide at nights from monsters. Improve your survival raft skills by using different recipes. Interact with friendly mobs and make exciting ecosystem by growing plants and making a farm.
► Creative Single Player Offline : Develop your creative skills in single player. Here you will find 10+ predefined maps to start building my mini world. Build anything and everything according your imagination.

Game Highlights:
★ Amazing 3D creations
★ Fun Exploration
★ Block craft and chat with real friends
★ Lots of animals
★ Attacking hostile mobs
★ Different weapon

Play now best exploration crafting and building with survival games. Join thousands of players to create together unforgettable happy games moments in the best creative online multiplayer.

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Is there anything new? Please tell everyone.

Jashan Saini 2022-08-09

Jashajhhanahhz Hsjlagsakabg.shskkagal Nglahzuo
Dark Legend 2022-04-24

My skins are shuffled around and I cant even display what I'm actually paying for is this just me?
Isaiah Osborne 2022-03-19

No ads perfect for online gamers enjoy building you can get this for free by downloading the free version has ads but both are worth it!!! 5 star like Minecraft like... GREAT!!!??
Rajeev Pathak 568 2022-03-05

Please refund my money. I waste my money on it
randomness 1 2021-12-26

Great game I purchased it because my friend did not have. Real minecraft. When I started playing i kinda liked it mainly the texture pack it is really good for building but I felt like the controls could do with some more work by making it smoother and making threre be more blocks to build with
God Father 2021-12-21

This game used to be a childhood favorite, but now it's just the mist disappointing game ever. First off the game used to be free and there was no premium. I just bought premium and came in with 250 coins, I tried buying a skin but it wasnt showing that i bought it but my coins went down by how 80. I kept by skins until I had no more coins, and still it wasnt showing that I had bought any skins yet all my coins are gone >:3, all of the skins are mixed up and the names dont match the skin.
Abhi RRD 2021-08-14

This is true garbage. Not because it is like a bad imitation of minecraft. But the way they show ads. And how I need to pay to revive. And all of that after selling me the game. Well done.
manoj vattikuti 2021-08-02

Carmela Dionisio 2021-07-20

So very excellent very fun Gagawa ako ng eroplano at ship thank so much ?❤️
Burger Playz 2021-06-10

It's a boring game that doesn't allow for survival multiplayer. I regret not refunding it.