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Planet Craft: Mine Block Craft

Planet Craft: Mine Block Craft


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Planet Craft: Mine Block Craft
★Welcome to PlanetCraft. Mine, block craft with survival and creative online games. ★
Play now alone or with friends in the exploration multi crafting and building. Create a mini world 3D.

★ Open world multiplayer with SURVIVAL BLOCK CRAFT and CREATIVE. Build and chat
★ Thousands of fun MINI WORLD 3D created by real players online for lite EXPLORATION
★ Totally for FREE
MULTI CRAFTING AND BUILDING recipes for blocks, items, tools, armor for all your needs
★ Wide variety of WEAPON: bow, crossbow, snowball, splash potions etc.
★ Friendly animal and hostile MOBS
ADOPT PETS: wolf / ocelot, spawn eggs, RIDE horses
MINE & BUILD cube farms by growing different plants. Bone meal to speed up growing process!
★ Infinite size of the cube planet will make EXPLORATION, survival crafting and building experience more fun. Use home point to set a respawn point, navigate faster through a huge mindcraft planet!
CLANS. Create your own clan or join existing one.
★ Explore WOODLAND MANSIONS full of chests with great items. But be careful, they are full of new dangerous monsters.
★ Use ENCHANTING. Enhance armor, tools, weapons, items, kraft unique inventory
REDSTONE SYSTEM. Build whatever redstone circuits you can imagine
★ 300+ themed SKINS
★ 10+ predefined mini world to start CRAFTING AND BUILDING
★ 3D HD cube graphics, 4+ texture packs, cute sounds
★ Password protected parental control
PLAY for free under internet or wifi in online multiplayer games or offline

► Global SURVIVAL MULTIPLAYER allows you to mine resources & mini block craft, fight, interact with real player online on the open world server.
CREATIVE MULTI PLAYER (Rentable, Renewable) allows you to create amazing buildings 3D according your imagination. Thousands of beautiful creations are waiting for exploration.
SURVIVAL CRAFT & CREATIVE SINGLE PLAYER for your private joy without need of wi-fi.
PRIVATE MAPS. Customize your private cube world settings through needs according maps modification access.

MINI GAMES: ★ start as a prop, or hunter in Hide & Seek.

* Open world games
* Amazing 3D buildings
* Fun lite exploration
* Crafting and building recipes
* Friendly atmosphere
* Multi block craft, chat in real time
* Lots of animals
* Attacking hostile mobs
* Different weapon, enchantment etc.

Join mine block craft games with survival online multiplayer. Start creating your awesome mini world now.
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Your game is fun dont get me wrong sometimes theres a lag happen in single player survival it gets lag every item you collected or your modified lands will be reset no one cares about these bugs . But I wont respond
Liah Martin 2022-10-13

i hate this damn game cuz all the players suck they are mean or just kill me for no reason. it disconnects all the time and some of the times i end up dying aside from that its awesome
Yazan Hamamy 2022-10-11

This game is fun playing with friends ( Sorry playlabs i thought i pressed 5 stars im a bit blind im trying my best to see without glasses. The thing i didnt really like is the graphics please make the graphics or/and shawdows look cooler for me i would Enjoy that ??? i hope you fix it )
Daniel Hall 2022-10-11

Please make mining faster in creative worlds. Also make the horses faster than just walking. I tried to do the challenge on the Global Survival World for the loot that is in the chat but when I attempted it, it was lagging horribly. Add more blocks in creative and make chests and other equipment like it work in creative. Add beds in all game modes. Add a way to turn a online world offline. I will raise my rating if you add there features
Browers Rideout 2022-10-11

I like all the tasks of this game very much, mainly animal husbandry due to the fact all the animals right here are very stunning and pleasant however when you spend time with them, the brain feels very at ease and can additionally be performed with them.
Tomidy Kalenkoski 2022-10-11

This is very massive and very wonderful crafting recreation where you get a top amount of house and you can start your constructing work somewhere and I additionally love to do animal husbandry here.
Blanken Cebula 2022-10-11

This is a very relaxing crafting game which is an awful lot better than minecraft because this recreation can be performed on offline mode also and I like to play it offline, no one can disturb me.
Russnak Jannell 2022-10-11

My smartphone is a bit ancient and there was a lack of space in it, but even then this game is working very properly in my phone, it is why I liked this warcraft recreation very an awful lot and I advise it to every body to play.
Taubert Sardina 2022-10-11

This is genuinely perfect crafting recreation where there is no want to make any changes because I am enjoying this game considering last 1 yr and till date I have no longer faced any computer virus hassle and all the duties seem to be more than one.
Anwar Feneis 2022-10-11

Here I love to battle with enemies and this is why I like this game very lots due to the fact there are many other things to be determined along with the war, which is very thrilling and your mood. Perfect for doing too a good deal good.