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Citymapper: All Your Transport

Citymapper: All Your Transport


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Citymapper: All Your Transport
Instantly compare your travel options in real-time across all transport modes!

Easily navigate your city with turn-by-turn directions for all your public transportation, walking, cycling and scooter trips.

Find the best route
► Simple city navigation and trip planning combining bus ? subway ? train ? ferry ⛴ cabs ? ride share ? car share ? bike share ? e-scooters ? and walking ?‍♂️Discover routes you never knew existed ?️‍♀️!

Hit the GO button for step-by-step directions
► Turn-by-turn navigation for your transit, walking, cycling and scooter trips. Choose between 3 different map views, see the charge levels of e-scooters and e-bikes around you, and avoid no-parking zones. We take care of the logistical thinking with our smart route planner so you are free to enjoy the ride ?

Experience one-stop-shop mobility
► Compare cab fares, hail a ride, hop on a shared bike or get on the nearest scooter. Our partners include: Uber, Lyft, JUMP, Lime, Bird, Spin, Skip, Scoot, Citi Bike, JerseryBike, Bluebikes, Indego, CaBi, Divvy, Metro Bike, Breeze, Bay Wheels, Healthy Ride, Relay, BCycle, SA Bike Share, GREENbike, Grid, RTC Bike, BIKETOWN, Biki ? ? ?

Beat the rush-hour crowd
► Live wait times and ETA so you'll never miss a bus, train or ferry again. Follow your public transportation as it’s approaching on a real-time map with our train & bus tracker. See the best train car to board, check the next train or bus stop, get alerted when it's time to get off, and get in and out from the best exit at any subway / train station ⏰

Smarten up your daily transit navigation
► Get daily updates right on your lock screen for all public transportation: real-time bus arrivals, subway, ferry and train times, with disruption / delay / status alerts and alternative routes. Stay on top of any changes to your local bus schedule, train schedule or ferry timetable with the all-in-one transit tracker ?

Personalize your city navigation
► Save Home, Work and your go-to stops / stations for fast trip planning. Subscribe to your favorite subway, train, bus or ferry line for automatic disruption / delay / status alerts. Your local subway map, next bus time, subway time and train schedule at your fingertips ❤️

Get social
► Share your live trip: let friends follow your live trip to know when you'll arrive. Share any location or address: one tap for others to get directions ?

Travel offline
► Access offline the official NYC subway map, Manhattan bus transit map, Brooklyn bus map, MTA map, Queens bus map, DC metro map, Muni metro map, and more ?

Works on Wear OS
► Hit GO in the app and automatically see all the information you need during your trip on your Wear OS watch.

► New York City | Chicago | Los Angeles | San Francisco | Washington DC | Boston | Philadelphia | Seattle | Miami | Atlanta | Portland | Denver | Baltimore | San Diego | Minneapolis | Houston | Phoenix | Dallas | Las Vegas | Pittsburgh | Honolulu | Salt Lake City | San Antonio | St. Louis | Cleveland | Austin + Many more worldwide! See the full list and vote for the next one in the app or at https://citymapper.com/cities ?

► We use open data from transit agencies, including: MTA | CTA | LA Metro | MBTA | WMATA | SEPTA | NJ Transit | Muni | BART | King Bus | MARTA | LIRR | RTD | TriMet | Metro-North Railroad | PATH | Houston METRO | San Diego MTS | Miami-Dade Transit | Metro Transit MN | METRA | RTC | TheBus | Port Authority | DART | AC Transit | Sound Transit | UTA | OCTA | VIA | PTD | St. Louis Metro Transit | RTA | Capital Metro | Broward County Transit Division | NY Waterway Ferries | LBT ?

Keep in touch
► If you have any questions or feedback email us at: support@citymapper.com

Like us on Facebook: http://facebook.com/thecitymapper
Follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/Citymapper
Visit our website: http://citymapper.com
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Is there anything new? Please tell everyone.

Mike Mutterspaugh 2022-10-27

This is a truly amazing app! I've spent the past week in London. I've never been to this city before, but I feel like I know exactly how to get anywhere in the city. I'm extremely impressed with the way it's built!
Just a Bee 2022-10-27

It used to be great, but now it shows all the wrong bus times! If I put in a location that should be 30 minutes away by bus it'll say it's a 90 minute bus ride. When I check the route, it's 90 minutes because the ai has chosen the fifth or sixth bus after the nearest one for every leg of the trip. It'll also say "3 minutes away, next bus in 68 minutes"?! But if I open that bus route specifically it shows that it will come to the stop every 10-15 minutes. ? maybe it's fixed when you go ad free?
skribe Forti 2022-10-27

Used to be great. Latest version has defaulted to imperial units instead of metric despite being in metric country. Edit: I did. Almost two weeks ago. Check your inbox.
Paul Daniel 2022-10-26

Introducing ads you transform yourself from Citymapper into Shittymapper. Updates of the closed roads takes days to implement. Just wasting time. Trash app, I will uninstal.
Yani Genev 2022-10-23

Used to love this app, but way too much clutter now and core features moved to paid only version? Shame, used to be a favourite app. Time to find an alternative
rubi va 2022-10-23

Please tell me what I am paying for. I use this app to be able to get to work on time last 2 days I have been late due to your app saying one thing route 211 and 295 have been not running properly. So why can I not this this info anywhere on the app or even on delays and problems this is poor. If your are going to make us pay at least deliver a proper service not half assed
Anna Żelazna 2022-10-23

Used to be good but now it doesn't show the best route to chosen destination. If you want more specific route option... it's behind paywall
Chantelle Tevenan 2022-10-23

Makes life so much easier with directions, alerts, pricing and even platforms and best train carriage to board sometimes. Usually reliable too. The only time I've ever had issue is during the strikes when no one knew what was happening. I work all over London at places I've never been before and I use it most days.
EvilBunBoy 2022-10-23

My cities aren't there. I'm sure this would be a good app, it even lets you vote for your city, but I don't understand the "why should we add this city" section. Because I live there? Why else? Either way, there's other apps that basically do the same thing I can use. I will submit my city, but whether it will actually be added or not that's a mistery.
Some guy 2022-10-22

Declining functionality, increasing adverts, over the top pay wall prices. It's barely better than just using Google maps now.