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Find the latest Promotions from Cafe de Coral and order your meal at fingerips.

Key features:

1. Latest promotion & information about Café de Coral
2. Meal pre-ordering and e-Payment
3. Café de Coral Club 100 member account information (Including Weekly eligible transactions, E-Cash, Bonus Point and other info)
4. Redeemable E-coupons for Café de Coral Club 100 members
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Is there anything new? Please tell everyone.

Elegant Sound 2022-09-25

Nicholas Yuen 2022-09-23

When one time password is prompted and you open the message for the password, you can never go back to the transaction/payment page thus you cannot input the OTP so the transaction can never proceed.
Eva Cheng 2022-09-21

Very bad to not support Android version below 9 ! I can't use apps to order, wasting my time in long queue at lunch hour !
Denise Cheng 2022-09-21

Very disappointed with the location service of the updated app. It asked to set the browser's location everytime without saying which browser; default browser? I set all browsers (Firefox, Google Chrome and Huawei browser) on the device but still doesn't work. It was working before the app update.
Tr 2022-09-20

It is extremely inconvenient when Google Pay was removed. Using credit card requires OTP every time.
uni saver 2022-09-20

Always, always cannot use eCoupons in app Need to go to cashier re do orders Wasting time lor
Albert Mok 2022-09-12

Slow. Some functions never work , e.g. Birthday Free Drink (always disabled whether as part of an order or by itself). Menu is sometimes half Chinese half English when your selected language is English. Latest version lost the ability to remember past 2 locations you ordered from, forcing you to turn on Location Services on your phone.
CD Yan 2022-09-10

Michael Ma 2022-09-08

F l 2022-09-07

8月個更新之後見到app store個分一路跌咁我就放心晒,擺明唔係個別出問題啦