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Month: Calendar Widget

Month: Calendar Widget


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Month: Calendar Widget
Month is a collection of modern, beautiful and useful Calendar widgets.

● Beautiful widgets with over 80 hand-crafted themes.

● Integrate seamlessly into any home screen layout you're currently using.

● Display calendar events.

● Display friend's birthdays.

● Supports lunar calendar.

● Quickly browse your agenda / todo list from widget.

● Choose which calendars you would like to show.

● Fast, modern and intuitive UI with Material design.

♥ Made with love ♥
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Is there anything new? Please tell everyone.

Nick 2022-07-27

Best Calenders are behind paywall even with the 1000s of ads your get to see. $2 on sell isn't bad but all the better calenders can't have label setting.
Promy DD 2022-07-26

Used to use this app until alot of my reminders and events wouldn't show up in my calender unless I did a conscious check in with clicking the widget and resyncing with my Google calender, pretty ridiculous when that's supposed to be it's main function. Now I use Google's ugly widgets, but it's reliable.
Chris s 2022-07-25

Looks great but not for me; say I have an event from 7th to 14th, the widget will split it up, into segments for each day of the event duration. Which is less visually coherent and harder to understand at a glance. Event names, if they are longer get clipped this way much more, than if these segments could he merged into one. I have my entire calendar filled with jobs that I take, which last several days at least, so I can't have it split up like this. This app is so close to what I need it hurt
Not Applicable 2022-07-14

I have used this widget for 5 years, works fantastically. The themes are great and the functionality is perfect to not have to launch the full calendar app to be able to see what my tasks are for the day. However, as of yesterday the Month: Calendar widget no longer shows up on my phone. I've looked into the widgets on my launcher and it's just gone. The app is still installed but it just doesn't exist anymore. A serious bug with whatever updates Google has done recently.
Jamie Chilcote 2022-07-10

It's a very sleek looking app. Really simple but designed very well. I like a minimal theme but there are heaps of different looks to choose from. Would I be able to ask what the font is in 14/28 #3? Thanks!
Yannick Alibay 2022-06-30

Great widget calendar app. I use this app for several years. Clean layout, functional enough for my needs.
Chelsea 2022-06-24

24/06/22 - Wish there was a option to make multi day events appear as one line over the days, would just look cleaner **Thankyou for fixing the bug with the recurring events, it was driving me insane haha**
Fabrizio Roncato 2022-06-21

I have used this app since some years ago, but events doesn't update on the widget, it tooks a very long time to display the modify that you make to the event on Google Calendar.
Kaze Xo 2022-06-08

Decent app, however I found 2 bugs: 1. When choosing style for "Labeled events", if you choose the style on the left, the actual displayed style is somehow the one on the right. 2. Different countries' holidays do not have "unique color" as described in the Q&A. Tested China and Canada have the same color, so I can't tell which country the holiday is for. Will update to 5 stars if these bugs can be fixed.
Leif H. 2022-06-05

Even if you do buy the pro version, you'll have to buy it on every. single. device you want to use it on. That's pretty ridiculous and greedy if you ask me.