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Cute Calendar : Daily Planner

Cute Calendar : Daily Planner


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Cute Calendar : Daily Planner
The simplest and easiest in use are two elements that CALENDAR CUTE will bring to you.

When work is too busy, you often get stressed and begin to be unable to concentrate. Therefore, you intend to look for applications that support managing daily and work tasks.

But it's troublesome because you just need an application that is similar to a notebook and a reminder notification to manage all tasks, events, notes and even habits, in order to remind you to drink water, exercise or learn a new language. However, there might not be an application that meets your needs. You have to download many applications and each application only focuses on its feature, so it is inconvenient.

With this problem that needs to be solved, we were determined to create an all-in-one utility application, a convenient smart notebook to help you manage, improve productivity at work and have a better life. Let's explore the features in the app: Calendar, Todo, Memo, Diary, Habit Tracker, Remind, Widget ...

This is the right application for those who want an electronic notebook with full power features and is especially easy to use. It helps you improve personal performance and lead a better life forwards.

With a cute design style, it surely helps you feel enjoyable. It’s not only a place to save work, events, tasks, schedules but also a place to save beautiful memories, journeys, photos, trips …

With so many powerful features you will be surprised when using the application. Let's discover together.

◆Calendar Cute App Features:
- Sync with your calendar system ( with Google Calendar ).
- Day, Week, Month, and List views of your events.
- Customize reminder notifications
- Change the event’s color.
- Calendar Widget
- Monthly Calendar
- Year Calendar
- Week Calendar
- Holiday Calendar
- Tasks Calendar
- Notes Calendar
- Todo Calendar
- Diary Calendar

▷To do list ( Planner )
- Create and manage your tasks from basic to advanced
- Can create task and subtask lists
- Can create tasks that are repeated by day, week, month and year
- Tasks completion reminder
- Get notification of unfinished tasks in the past
- Statistical reporting and task management
- Can pin important tasks (priority tasks)
- Day Schedule Planner
- Week Schedule Planner
- Month Schedule Planner
- Organize Tasks Reasonably
- Yearly Planner
- Weekly planners
- Day Planner Day Routine Planner
- Agenda Planner
- Life Planner
- Task planner
- To do schedule
- To do planner
- Create notes with cute colors, highlight important events
- Notes organizer planner
- Notes planner
- Mood diary, you can post your many pictures unlimitedly

▷ Habits:
- Create a new habit, track your challenges daily

And many other small features:
- Private key (Passcode and FaceID)
- Widget with many kinds (calendar by month, calendar by day, calendar by todo , memo) and can change color
- Change calendar theme
- Change background effect
- Choose multiple emojis
- Advanced reminder
- DarkMode and LightMode
- Check the weather on the calendar
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