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eClass Parent App

eClass Parent App


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eClass Parent App
A mobile app that connects parents with schools. It also enables parents to support their children more effectively.

Support your children:
- eLearning Timetable: assist your children in keeping up with their study plan
- eHomework: know your children's learning progress from daily homework
- eLibrary plus: reserve interesting books for young children
- eAttendance: get noted when your children arrive or leave school safely
- eEnrolment: register your children in their favorable activities
- iPortfolio: support your children to enrich their student profile

Parent-school communication:
- eNotice: receive and sign school notices
- ePayment: settle payments required by the school
- Apply for leave: submit leave applications
- Group message: message and chat with teachers
- iMail: access your school email
- School calendar: view school calendar
- Digital Channels: browse the photos or videos shared by school
- ePOS: purchase products provided by school

* The features mentioned above are dependent on the school’s subscription plans.
** Parents will need to have the parent login account assigned by their children’s school before they can use this eClass Parent App. Parents can reconfirm their access right with the school for any login issues.
Feel free to visit "eClass Parents Website" in order to know more about Parent App, or to contact our support team online.
Support email : apps@broadlearning.com
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Is there anything new? Please tell everyone.

Passion4 Life 2022-11-14

Not helpful. Only one way communication.
GG GO 2022-11-09

notifications didn't pop up after updating, therefore missed out the notices that had to be signed before deadline! the worst is, can't sign after deadline ?
劉富邦 2022-10-20

Rabia Shamshad 2022-10-11

Nice app esliy used so helpful
Jacob Chan 2022-09-12

helps alot
Asis beatrize May galang 2022-09-09

Great app
Anna- -Chan 2022-09-06

What's the annoying part of the class login is that I cant login in even if l use the correct password....
Thomas Lee 2022-09-02

Can't upload the vaccine record, it can't even select the file. Utterly useless. My kid could select but there is no "sign" button ‼️
gee urs 2022-08-11

I can see my son home work ??!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Horace Ho 2022-08-10

Notifications always not received.