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ViewRanger is now Outdooractive.

Goodbye from us. We have now switched off access to the ViewRanger app. Thank you to the global community of ViewRanger users who helped make our adventures so much fun.

We recommend you download and use the Outdooractive app instead of ViewRanger. We offer you an easy way to move to the Outdooractive app - where you can continue to access your maps, tracks, routes, POIs, and other ViewRanger app data.

Search for "Outdooractive" and download the app for free.

We'll see you in the Outdooractive community

Your Maps

If you made one-off payments to access maps within ViewRanger, then we are offering free access to a set of maps via the Outdooractive app instead. The maps we are offering depend on the region of the maps you made one-off payments for in ViewRanger. The maps will be from the same map data provider or, where necessary, from an alternative map data provider depending on the map region.

If you have a current ViewRanger subscription, then you have an Outdooractive Pro subscription that will expire at the same time as your ViewRanger subscription. You will then need to renew your subscription via the Outdooractive app. It is no longer possible to purchase or renew a ViewRanger subscription.

Other Data

By connecting your ViewRanger account to Outdooractive, routes you have plotted, routes you have downloaded, activity tracks you have recorded, a record of the challenges you participated in, and points-of-interest you have marked, will continue to be available within your Outdooractive account.

>> OS WEAR by Google
• Navigate trails and view track stats on your wrist with OS Wear enabled smartwatches.
• Record a new track and pause or stop an existing track recording.
• View heading, bearing, lat/long and altitude data.

Free Global maps © OpenStreetMap contributors.
Some features, such as viewing online maps, browsing routes, downloading maps and routes and sharing your location using BuddyBeacon require an internet connection.
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Is there anything new? Please tell everyone.

Jon McArthur 2022-06-26

I really like viewranger. It did enough and it did it well. Outdoor active however is awful. Even the subscription version is hard to use, cluttered and most terribly stops tracking at random times.
Lukasz Ryszka 2022-06-25

Such a shame Was a great app now sold out to outdoorsactive, will miss the viewranger as it was well developed, great app for walking, hiking and all outdoor activity. Shame it has been discontinued.
Jon Reed 2022-06-24

Transferred from Viewranger, now completely useless. The new app deleted ALL my stored maps, so now can only access maps if I have phone signal, which I often do not. Also EVERY map tile costs me phone data EACH TIME I USE IT. I purchased lifetime use of OS maps, and now I have to pay AGAIN to use them.
Sharon Sharon 2022-06-09

I used to use this app to import maps and keep me on track as I don't have a good sense of direction. I have just tried to download it to my new phone and discovered it is now Outdoor Active and doesn't seem to offer the same abilities. I am sure it is useful for some people but it no longer offers what I need so I have switched to GPX Viewer instead. Will keep searching to see if there is any other alternative. Why do people spoil things when they think they are imrpving them?
Colin Phone 2022-06-04

Broke a perfectly good app. Couldn't you have contiuned to allow people to use it without accessing online services instead of just bricking the whole thing. I won't be switching to outdoor active as it seems to be missing half of viewranger's features.
Chris K 2022-05-24

Application is not usable. You download it just to tell you that they have blocked the access to the app. I don't understand why this still exists on the marketplace.
victor jantea 2022-05-17

I used this for some years and it was great. Outdooractive is but a shadow of what viewranger once was. A shame
András Pintér 2022-05-15

This was my five star review. It was the best multi - purpose outdoor map. Rip :( The best outdoor app for me! I have been using it for 3+ ys. Main advantages: - simple and easy to use for first time, but has wide range of options to personalize it - basic graphics but really detailed (campsites, toilets, water taps!!) maps if you zoom in - works well in offline mode -claims much less resources (power, cell data) than other similar apps
John Kirkham 2022-05-03

Very pleased with this app. Easy to use, particularly like the 3d function. Review after takeover. Very disappointed that viewranger has been taken over, renewed my subscription only to find that most of the things I use, 3d etc are only available on the pro version at a significantly higher price. Not impressed and will not renew again
Jean-Charles Chassot 2022-04-25

Quelques erreurs de manipulation au début, mais tout est là et fonctionne bien. Sauf l'élévation cumulée qui est largement surevaluée. Continuez! I revise my initial review. VR was showing the distance to the goal, the elevation difference; I do not find them again. In addition, VR was working fine with few ressources (3G of RAM, small processor) whereas OA is just not usable and crash on the same device. The filters are filtering their ways, the stats like distances and elevation show contradicting totals. Where I was confident with VR, I get suspicious with OA. Advertizing occupies too much space in the free OA, and confidence is to low to invest in it.