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Elisi - All-in-one Planner

Elisi - All-in-one Planner


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Elisi - All-in-one Planner
Elisi is your one-stop shop for productivity and personal achievement. View your whole week ahead, clearly laid out, all in one app: tasks to do, habits to keep track of, and the notes that you need. With its simple and intuitive UI, it’s easy to get organized and get on track with everything.

Elisi is available on all platforms, and everything syncs seamlessly together to the same account. You can plan on a big-screen computer and keep track from a mobile device.

- Intuitive Weekly Planner
Arrange your tasks better with the high-level view of your whole week. Drag tasks easily from one day to another, to find a work-life balance for the week.

- Effective Habit Tracker
Our straightforward habit tracker lets you track and review habits in the most intuitive UI. It’s simple to track the water you drink, meditation done, book readings, etc. In addition, streaks keep you motivated and build momentum.

- Lists
Always know your progress towards an objective by tracking to-do items via a list view. Group the related tasks in a single list, and you can track the task from both the weekly planner and the list.

- Fast Notes
Jot down anything that you must remember, and then take it everywhere with you.

- Workspaces
Separate the various pursuits in your life with workspaces. Group related items in each workspace, whether it's a habit, a task, or a note. Workspaces turn Elisi into a tool that can help you fulfill any or all of your long-term pursuits.

- Take Elisi anywhere, everywhere
Elisi works in almost all modern browsers. It runs on most computers, phones, and tablets. It also works without an internet connection, then syncs data automatically once you are connected. With Elisi, you can plan, track, and accomplish from any device, anywhere.

It’s really straightforward to get life onto a fulfilling path. Start simply by downloading Elisi!
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Is there anything new? Please tell everyone.

Hazelina X 2022-08-26

By far the best personal planner there is!! I use it everyday but would be better if there was a widgit!!!!
Liz B 2022-08-11

I've finally found it! I have been swapping from digital journals back to paper then back to electronic, never able to find the right platform. Now I have - notes, diary, to-do lists, goals, habit trackers ... all in ONE place. Genius. Having looked through the 'vote for features section, it appears everything I would ask for are under consideration - search facility, attaching photos and documents etc. Am looking forward to using this simple to use, but amazing useful app for a long time.
Kamaji Pendragon 2022-08-05

I adore this app. Its the only way i can keep track of my hectic work schedule as a landscaper for my local university. 10/10 Big shootout to the developers, youve made quite the masterpiece??
Mikaila Nelson 2022-07-20

Love this to organize my mind. Would love a way to group habits together into routines and for recurring habits to be capable of having sub tasks. But so far as good as I've found.
WhitleeJannal 2022-07-18

I really like this app, I've been using it for a few days and it's really useful. :D You can create separate workspaces for different aspects of your life and then make plans, notes, expenses, diaries, habits, and lists for that specific thing. You can also add sub-tasks to your tasks. It's really cool, I've been using it to plan out my school lessons + help me with my self care practices. The only thing I'd want to change is what day the week starts on. Other than that, I love it. :D
Aisha Cook 2022-07-17

Great app concept wise but very much needs bugs fixed which gets very annoying
suma chatni 2022-06-21

This is such an amazing app... It has all the important features a productive person would need... Making a widget would make it perfect... Kindly look into it developers... Otherwise it's a beautiful app and a must-have for everyone... ☺️ ?
Shree Harsha 2022-06-18

Not usefull without premium subscription
Leah Liddiard 2022-06-09

No where else to send feedback than here ; Calenders aren't auto syncing. Every time I add an event to Google. I have to manually sync all my calenders in elisi... it should be an auto fetch... thanks
Pamela Egle 2022-06-07

Good app but frequently crashes