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Family Shared Calendar: FamCal

Family Shared Calendar: FamCal


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Family Shared Calendar: FamCal
FamCal - a shared family calendar app, is designed for family connection. Combine calendars, events, tasks, notes, contacts and birthday reminders in one place so that you can easily keep everyone in sync and organized.

- Adult members with email addresses
- Child members without email addresses
- Color code events with members' colours

- Share events between couples, moms, dads and children or even whole family
- Add or edit events that everyone in the group can see
- Set reminder to notice someone
- Both calendar and agenda view

- Share grocery or shopping list & more
- Create task lists and to-dos

- Share notes or jot down a moment
- Unlimited notes to share with family
- Leave comments to each memo

FamCal is a shared schedule family planner, you can organize your calendar, tasks and notes at everywhere. Access with any devices, works on both Android and iOS platforms. The whole group shares one account, so login with your own email address and a shared password.

All the functions listed above are basic, we also offer an ad-free version with many additional features(available as a subscription)
- Text month view
- Shared contacts
- Birthday Tracker
- Anniversary Tracker
- Export Schedule

Payment models for Premium Subscription:
- $4.99/month
- $9.99/quarter
- $23.99/year
Please note the subscription is automatically renewed unless you choose to cancel the subscription at least 24 hours before the end of the current period.

Family Calendar Planner App - FamCal is great for family, group or anyone who needs to stay organized together. You can schedule together, achieve projects together. There is no limit in events, tasks and notes, you can create as many as you need.

Permissions Overview:
1. Calendar: FamCal needs this permission to read events from local calendars
2. Contacts: FamCal needs this permission to read contact from local device when you choose to import a contact
3. Location: FamCal needs this permission to get your location when you add an event with location info
4. Storage: FamCal needs this permission to read photos from Gallery when you choose to upload a photo to a memo or write photos to Gallery when you choose to download photos from memos

We're glad to hear your feedback. If you have any problems or suggestions please send a mail to famcal.a@appxy.com, you’ll get a response in a short time.
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Is there anything new? Please tell everyone.

Karen Copley 2022-08-30

Calender worked OK until both of us went to a different time zone ,(at the same time). Phone times were correct but my husband's calendar stayed 4 hours behind. There is no way to set the time IN the calendar
Ah Yung 2022-08-22

Doesn't allow any of my family members to join no matter how hard we try, whether it be them putting in the shared password, or I invite them via email. Can't even use the shared album function, which was the reason I downloaded it.
Beautiful Chaos 2022-08-20

Would be a good app, but the reminders don't work on an android. They do on an apple device, but when we switched to an android, the reminders either don't happen or are VERY late. Also, with the android version, the location doesn't work the same as it does with the apple version. Very disappointed in the app. Will be looking for a different app to use.
J T 2022-08-17

We used to absolutely love this app, but some members of our family stopped receiving any kind of notifications when events were added or deleted or when it's time for an event to begin or birthdays or anything else. We emailed and our email wasn't read because the response was ri uninstall and reinstall it - which noted in the email that we already did. We will be switching to a different calendar app due to this issue.
Stacey LePage 2022-08-14

This app keeps my family's chaos in check! I reached out to the developers & asked if there was a way to add daily meals to the calendar. At that time there wasnt but they actually listened to feedback and not only added meals but also added a ton more functionality. I am SO impressed. At this point there's only 2 things I'd add, 1) I'd love to link my outlook calendar so I can see work and home together (maybe toggle on/off), 2)more widgets for quick additions
Kristen Gore 2022-08-13

So this app has everything my family needs without overly complicated features. The only thing I wish were added was a way to add tags to the recipes so I could sort and filter them.
Lillie Williams 2022-08-12

Love it ,it's help me keep up my plans and my family.
Bonita Van Heerden 2022-08-08

Really great to have a shared calendar sp helpful
Lauren Tomasetti 2022-08-08

Super helpful for us to keep track of everyone's activities and the running shopping list is huge!
Chris Richards 2022-08-08

Grocery list alone makes it worth it.