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To Do List and Goal planner

To Do List and Goal planner


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To Do List and Goal planner

- To Do List
- Goal planner
- Organizer
- Reminders
- Calendar
- Task list


- creating goals
- creating to-do list
- creating subtasks
- grouping tasks
- creating day tasks
- creating repeat tasks
- creating reminders
- creating widgets
- auto calculating progress
- working without internet


To-do list "AgnessaMini" allows to divide tasks and goal on needed subtasks.

Divide global goals and tasks on small subtasks.
Big unclear goals and tasks (the so-called elephants) cause a stupor and unwillingness to fulfill them.
When we divide a large task or goal into small subtasks, we automatically find the motivation
to perform these subtasks.


To-do list "AgnessaMini" allows to group goals ans tasks.

A lot of tasks for work?
Create a group "Work" and put all your tasks there.
The group automatically calculates the total progress of its tasks.


TO DO LIST "AgnessaMini" helps o unload the head from the upcoming tasks

Just create a to-do list and add reminders so you do not miss any tasks.


Goal planner "AgnessaMini" allows to define your goals and to create all steps for achieve them.

Just create goal and to divide her on task list for greater efficiency.
For max fast achieve goal, to add widget with task list on home screen your phone.
Thus, you will see your goals more often and your subconscious will work on ways to achieve them.


Write down all your tasks
s pomoshch'yu lopaty with the help of a organizer "AgnessaMini".

For max organize your time complete next actions:
1. Create task list
2. Add reminders
3. Create widget for to view created task list


ORGANIZER "AgnessaMini" allows you to create required number of reminders.

For any to-do you allow to add up to 10 reminders.
You need to create reminder 1 day before the start of the task? Create him!


ORGANIZER AgnessaMini allows to create required number of widgets for home screen.

- You want to view task list for day? Create widget for tasks on day.
- You want to view goal list on home screen? Create widget for goal list.
- You want to view subtask list for task? Create widget for this task.


To view your to-do list and task list on day with the help of a calendar.

With the help of a calendar you will can to open any day and to view completed task list and uncompleted task list.


To Do list "AgnessaMini" allow you to create repeat tasks.

You want go to the gym 3 times a week or to visit cosmetologist or you want to create any other repeat task?
Create repeat task, add reminder and see task progress in progress calendar.
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Is there anything new? Please tell everyone.

Daniel Nigdie 2022-06-29

It's easy to use and simple interface application. I recommended the application for daily to do lists and weekly planned tasks.
Joy Montero 2022-06-08

Downloaded lots of goal planner but this is the best goal planner I've downloaded. Thank you so much this is what I've been looking for, almost everything that I wanted in a goal planner is here so for me this is perfect. Thanks a lot for all the developers.
A. D. 2022-04-23

At least dark mode should be available for free. Also updating progress should be easier. Slider is fine but inconvenient if one wants to mark 100% progress with it. A simple button to mark done would do better. Progress slider too should remain but should be a choice when creating the task.
Dog Breeds 2022-03-28

Doesn't count correctly days. Example: for repeating activity 31 days (1-31 March) with 10 days done (1-10 March) and 21 left it shows 30 days duration and 10/16 days progress; for the same activity with progress 27 days done (1-27 March) and 4 left, it shows in the progress circle 27/29.
Edo Thokka 2022-02-27

Simply love the app. Have everything that I wanted in an app to keep on track with my daily planning, shopping lists and you name it. Takes a bit in the beginning to get used to setup and then it's a breeze. Kudos ??
MJ 2022-02-15

Have to pay for dark theme and I wish tracking progress % didn't require making subtasks. Probably could do with scaling up the text size or making it adjustable.
Kristina Rader 2022-01-29

Absolutely love this app! The organization, amount of options, and ease of use are all excellent. Thank you, developers, for making this!
Lokender Rathore 2022-01-28

Damn, this beats all the fancy apps. It does have poor UI, but functionalities especially widget feature is mind blowing.
Mand 2022-01-06

Unintuitive. Perhaps it has potential, but not worth the time to work out how to use it. Odd terminology (by which I mean confusing) - The tutorial tells you how to do various things without telling you what they are. eg a "daily" task is (in normal English) one that *recurs* every day, so what's a "recurring" task supposed to be? And then what's a "standard" task? If you're determined tuse specialised definitions, at least let us into the secret of how you're defining these commonplace words.
UWU OWO 2021-12-31

I have OCD so finding a Todo list app that allowed me to really break down my list and wants was pretty hard until I found this app. it takes a bit to get use to but once you find your groove it's smooth sailing. I love the fact that it shows your progress through the list so you can know how far along you are. honestly love this app to bits!