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Zen Idle: Gravity Meditation

Zen Idle: Gravity Meditation


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Zen Idle: Gravity Meditation
Play passively or actively. Plenty of deep strategy to try or simply sit back and relax.

Some main features include
- Upgrading balls and stages to increase income
- Collectible cards - provides massive permanent bonuses to your game
- Perk system - evolves every playthrough
- Prestige - reset and begin again with massive bonuses to push further
- Strategize - test strategies to see which cards and perks work best together
- Game progresses while away, earn idle income

See how far you can progress in this physics based, relaxing idle game. Choose to idle and take the zen path. Or develop a strategy and maximize productivity. 1000's of upgrades to buy!

The game will continue to evolve and receive updates based on user feedback.

From the creator of Idle Planet Miner and The Tower.
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Is there anything new? Please tell everyone.

JustAnotherBridge 2022-08-25

Honestly just fun, feels like the game was actually made to be relaxing instead of most idle games that get hard insanely quickly in order to force you to spend money to progress
Tyler Zylstra 2022-08-23

I find myself spending far too much time on this game! Love it! I've never spent a dime on it and don't see any reason to do so. To really max profits and advance quickly, it takes some careful consideration. When I got a new phone, I was happy to start over from scratch!
Brandon M 2022-08-22

Game is fun, but if you get a new phone, you will lose all your progress.. I reached out to the developer and they were able to restore my purchases, but not my progress.. even though I provided them with all my information. Unfortunately, now that I know that, I don't want to continue playing. Since when I get a new phone again, all progress will be lost. I hope they fix this.
m C 2022-08-21

Good little game to pass the time. And the adverts aren't too much either.
Chance mapping 2022-08-19

It's a great game of all time for me it made me feel better about it and also found some glitches and bugs like unlimited cash balls but I will not use it during a tournament and love the game
Brad Wiley 2022-08-19

Nice little time waster. I don't know if it's a bug, but one neat trick is occasionally when unlocking a new ball, all balls on the screen freeze where they are. Once a new ball hits them, they continue down the path.
Ben Carter 2022-08-18

Seriously overboard with the in game ads and purchases. And it is simply not worth 12.99 to get rid of the ads. A few dollars sure. Way to ruin what was a reasonable casual game.
Alex The Great 2022-08-17

This game got me through Hurricane Ida. I didnt have wifi for about a month and this game was the only game (aside from egg incorporated which isnt as fun imo) that i could play and to be honest i am thankful it was downloaded before Ida hit. As it turns out this game is pretty dang fun. My world bonus was barely breaking 5% now im at 69.78% and its still gonna climb. I also did it all with absolutely no video bonus. (Because i was offline) anyway. I highly suggest this for car trips and stuff.
Bj Richard 2022-08-15

Game is pretty basic, but complete ad pumping machine. While you can progress without them, progression is quite slow without sitting through a few for the multipliers.
Miguel Galindo 2022-08-15

This is a fun game when your going on long car ride or anytime but the only thing bad thing about it is that the balls get stuck in the sides and In the spinners