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Fashion Style Dressup & Design

Fashion Style Dressup & Design


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Fashion Style Dressup & Design

Hello fashion lovers !!!

Join us in this dress up, fashion adventure and become the Top Fashion Style designer. Fill your virtual closet with Stunning dresses, fabulous shoes and attractive accessories from the shop or with your Own Designs. Hire top models and style their outfits, hair & makeup. Use daily challenges to exercise your creative self and win great prizes.

Dress up the models in your top creations and pose them in fabulous Photoshoot against backdrop of green meadows or starry skies. Earn coins by auctioning suits from the wardrobe or from showcasing your styles. Use those coins to hire even more models and unlock new garment types.

Every outfit idea you imagine can be shared with the online community.
Create eye-catching and cutting-edge fashion apparel with past or current trends in mind or become a trendsetter and share your Style with the world!

Features more than:
- 30.000 unique suits in the shop to choose from and match
- 15 beautiful models to showcase your designs
- 230 apparel templates to modify to your desire
- 450 details and patterns (ribbons, belts, buttons, gems, zippers and more) to add, move, rotate and scale
- unlimited freedom for your creations

Modify template suit shape; cut and add details and patterns; color individual parts. With the intuitive garment editor you can envision and craft unlimited number of fashion designs.

The game is constantly expanding and evolving.
Vote for the new game Features and share your fashion passion with us. Contact us in-game or on
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Is there anything new? Please tell everyone.

Emin Zeynali 2022-10-20

Everything is OK. But add the ability to create sunglasses, gloves and hats. And give possibility to create special models, including other races - Africans, Asians and Native Americans.
Hina Rana 2022-10-15

It's really good cos you have a lot of freedom in the way that you style and design the clothes but I think we can add more like for adding stuff on your clothes maybe some add on sleeves because I don't think we have those and maybe new laces overall great app it has really good potential
Som_ tee 2022-09-29

Beautiful! Unique! But...I have a few suggestions. Please could you add things like hats, maybe nail art, tatoos, badass stuff; a change of underwear and hints on what to design for challanges. The price of accesories are pretty high, even the hair. I mean, thirty coins for a pearl? Also, could you please add more backgrounds in the dressup page? It would be super cool if we could have online competitions for clothes and models. Thank you for creating this game. Five stars!
Desiree Wood 2022-09-20

The game is awesome you can play when your not online and there no ads. Would not change anything. It's a game where you can dress up models with your own clothes that you can make. But if you don't want to make custom clothes for your own fun ?. The game provides you with already made clothes. Best game ever. I bet the owner had a lot of experience. I would definitely recommend if you love fashion and dresses. Infinite stars out of 5!
Darasimi Adalumo 2022-09-16

I really love the game, the designs are also unique and i like the fact it has various clothing designs.
Elvis Chinedu 2022-09-08

The game is amazing and beautiful at first , but what's really the aim In it , after a few days of playing it starts becoming boring but still great
Emma Kings 2022-09-08

I love this game so much . I made alot of dresses but wen i got a new phone i had to start over. I wish could save my progress
Bhumika VS 2022-09-03

I think there should be saree . And we can design it by our own . If it has been Improved i could give 5 star. Pls improve the game. Those who want saree in tis game yes or no . If it was helpful to u all
Alexa Q 2022-09-01

I've made many outfits in this game, and I love it. You should definitely install this if you have a creative outlet for clothing. There are many patterns, cut outs, laces, accessories, and little details to add. There are many different clothing to design such as purses, shirts, jackets, t-shirts, skirts, pants shorts, and dresses to redecorate. Though the reason this app gets 4 stars instead of an applause of 5, is because of the little glitches. But I don't have enough room to say them.
Maro Ekaji 2022-08-31

Hi. I've playing this game for quite a while now, but we need an update. We need online play, story mode, more bags, hats, missions. So on and so fault. Pls if y'all can do an update I'll be very pleased cause it get more boring by the day.