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MyLink Smart · life


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MyLink Smart · life
MyLink developed by China Mobile Hong Kong is an all-rounded, Comprehensive-Smart APP offering a variety of experiences and benefits to HongKong residents. MyLink is committed to serve every aspect of daily lives in efforts to provide flexible communication service. MyLink provides users with rich life information, intelligent life applications and is also a "smart assistants" for Hong Kong residents.

● Smart and comprehensive conversational tips: New Smart Assistant provids careful Service. Remind you weather, etc.

● New Themes and Portrait Pendants, New visual revision to bring you a new experience.

● Life is funny: WeWalk added upgrade rewards, throwing the data of wewalk gain the own medal. The weather data update in real-time, Intimate with you.

● Convenient life, points rewards chosen by you, "Jetso" upgraded, added points mission module, Famous brand goods delivered to home!

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Is there anything new? Please tell everyone.

Alex Yu 2022-10-26

cannot open this app again, don't know what reason.
Lung Fai Cheng 2022-10-04

I subscribe 2 different services and found that I need to login each account differently. can different bills be bundle in same apps account?
Jenkis C 2022-09-28

Not able to use the apps since update, its close it every time when i open it! Leave it for a while, open the apps in few days then allow to login without any issue. Very strange!
Che Jimenez 2022-09-16

This app is great ?
Kenny Lim 2022-09-06

realname register failed... scanning photo hkId (new id card) kept repeat the photo id scan failed to submit
Marilyn Zingapan 2022-09-06

Why did not install
Louis Papachristou 2022-09-02

Am trying to pay a bill, this is the worst technology I have ever experienced
Shoon Lai Phyo Thaw 2022-08-31

Don't even deserve 1 star , lmao!
jerome arbault 2022-08-11

Sadly the 5G network is a disaster in Hong Kong I miss my 4G+ from 3 Such a nightmare Data and voice are not working well in: Central, HK Airport so guess so quality at the others locations....
Lawrence Khoo 2022-08-08

Full of gaming and points stuff. Not that useful overall.