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Avocation Goal & Habit Tracker

Avocation Goal & Habit Tracker


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Avocation Goal & Habit Tracker
Google Best Of Apps 2020
Over 1 million downloads

Sticking to new habits or breaking old ones can be overwhelming and stressful. How about making it a fun experience? Yes, you’ve read it right. No more exhausting streaks, self-restrictions, and unreachable goals. Avocation is your offline habit tracker that will accompany you on your way to a better version of yourself. Our goal is to show you that it is all about small things that only take a few minutes of your time throughout the day. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? Have a look at what we prepared for you.

Keep up with new habits with the habit tracker:

Achieve your biggest dreams, goals, and new year's resolutions! Create your habits and organize your daily routine plans. Habits are visualized in circles to give you a quick overview of your to-do list. Create your own daily agenda. Customize habit colors, icons, and routines. Need a reminder? Never forget your daily goals again! Schedule an individual notification for each habit and get a habit reminder every day. All set up? Tap the habit circle after completing it and view your progress. You are fabulous!

See your improvements with our goal tracker

Track your progress with Avocation: complete habits and view the statistics screen to get your daily and weekly progress overview. It is simple and intuitive: progress is represented by a water bottle that fills up with every tap of habit circles. Forgot to tap a habit yesterday even though it was completed? Don't worry, your statistics are safe. With our time travel feature, you can return one day back and make sure all completed habits are marked.

Grow with Avocation: complete your first habit and start growing your baby plant. However, plants need water: the plant will not grow if your statistics bottle is empty!

Learn about habit development and productivity tips

Have a look at the collection of short and enjoyable lessons about habits that we created for you. You will discover the science behind habit formation and development, learn how to analyze and prioritize your goals, set your mind on smart, efficient changes, and much more. Our Avocoach will assist you along the way.

Your free account is waiting for you, no registration needed! Unlimited access to lessons, up to 5 habits, time travel, custom reminders, and much more! We are constantly working on new features. If you feel like becoming a habit pro or simply enjoy our app, you can support the development by subscribing to our membership. We offer you more custom habit colors, unlimited habits, unlimited reminders, and bonus karma points:)

We designed Avocation with a passion to create a unique and enjoyable experience for you. We are looking forward to your ideas and feedback and working hard on making the app better. Drop us a line hello@avocation.app

Terms of use: https://avocation.app/terms
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Is there anything new? Please tell everyone.

Christina 2022-08-11

Really nice app & cute interface but a few more features would be great like adding habits from templates...
mr potato 2022-08-10

I hate the habit limit on the free version , but a great app that could change your life if you used it well , also im a big fan of growing your plant idea
Angela Carr 2022-08-07

like this app hard to do i didnt understand get starting but look fun try again later but i did like it it was fun .i givev5 star
Gabriel R. Ursu 2022-08-03

Lovely colour scheme, easy to use and does exactly what I want to. One thing I haven't figured out yet is how to see how many times a habit has been accomplished. Give the app a try!
Nancy Babineau 2022-07-31

This app is super cute! It's fun & easy to use, & I like how it can help create routines, & provides info to help understand & master habits. My only feedback is that I wish it had a 'skip' option, for activities that occur randomly for example (ie weekly, but not always on the same day). Maybe on those days you get sunshine instead of water? ...or half the water? Would also like to see an 'undo' option for when I accidentally tap a habit as completed??‍♀️
Mindvoll 2022-07-31
Thanks for your feedback! To undo a accidental tap, simply long press the habit :)
daniel koop 2022-07-25

Love the simplicity of the app. I also like that it doesn't punish you for missing a day by breaking a streak. Instead it encourages you to keep pursuing your habits through other means. Also I like how it helps you build a routine by keeping your habit window to only a week at a time and allowing you to choose certain times of day to follow through on your habits.
Lalitha Krishnamoorthy 2022-07-23

Love the UI. Too cute! One feature request - please add a monthly calendar screen for each habit. Say, I want to see how many days I did yoga this month or last month. If I click on the habit, I should be able to see a calendar showing my cute-habit-icon on all the days I did it. This will give me a better sense of accomplishment and motivation to stick to my habits, if I had a monthly display. It will make the app perfect!
Pinky sharma Pinky sharma 2022-07-19

Love this aap so much..... that's why I am giving this app 5 star
-Sissy Smith- 2022-07-19

LOVE THIS APP the only reason why I'm giving this four stars instead of five is beacuse I just started! But I USING this to help me work out and drink water!
Marius Adauge 2022-07-09

Really like the minimalistic approach. I'd suggest adding 2 things for it to be perfect (at least from my pov): 1. For the 'quit' types of habits to have the counter shown. For example if I set to smoke a max of 10 cigarettes per day to be visually aware of the progress. There's the circular progress but it's quite hard to see how many you still have left. 2. To see the stats for previous days (more than just 1 day in the past). At least a month would be nice. Overall enjoying the app ?